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trans and trans.el

Perl and lisp programs that work together with mule to provide a great way to surf the web or read your Japanese e-mail.

Surfing Nihon Keizai Shimbun While Doing a Kanji Lookup The word "kyousantou" to the left of the pink cursor in the top window was simply selected with CTRL-c CTRL-t. Awesome!

I get good performance on a Pentium 166mhz machine with 32 megs of RAM. However, the trans program takes up a lot of RAM, especially since I load the Japanese names section by default. I found the names dictionary very helpful, so I edited the trans Perl script to load the names dictionary by default.

This is what I have:

 ## Set to whatever list you want
 @dictionaries =  (
 ##     "$ENV{'HOME'}/lib/edict",  ## set to whatever file you  like;
	  "/usr/local/lib/xjdic/edict",  ## set to whatever file you  like;
 ## can put other files here as well.
 $orig_dictionaries = 1; ## @dictionaries is just the default (changed by -dic)

 # $skipnames = 1; ## Default is to skip names
 $skipnames = 0; ## Will suck in names and use tons of memory

My /usr/local/lib/xjdic/edict file is a combination of the standard edict plus the enamdict files. It is now 6 megs. I created it with:

  # cat enamdict >> edict

Craig Toshio Oda