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Tokyo Linux Users Group

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What happened on 23rd July

Food Place


Yes, once again, Chinese food and Linux!

Meeting Place

Linux heaven! The CTI head offices with Linux machines coming out of the walls.

Crazed Members Present

Summary of events

Nori showed us a demonstration of mSQL and Msqlperl that interfaced with the World Wide Web.

We tried to compile the Tk module of TkPerl, but were unable to. Jim promised to go home and try to get it up.

Steve Myers took some pictures of the club for an upcoming issue of Computing Japan.

Jim showed us a Packet Radio Users Group BBS that was running on Linux. Jim explained how a port of the BBS software was done from DOS to Linux in order to overcome the memory limitations of DOS.

Craig demoed xfm1.3.2 with drag and drop capabilities and a simple Motif demo. 1995:07 07