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Tokyo Linux Users Group

Meeting / 2008 - 07

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“Reading Felica cards from Linux/BSD” by Lars Kotthoff

This month, Lars Kotthoff will be explaining how to use libpasori[1] to read Felica cards from Linux. He will also demonstrate a Ruby application he wrote to read Suica/Pasmo cards and display information about the last 20 transactions[2].

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Short break (maybe)

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“Happy Tracing with DTrace” by Hisayoshi Kato

Our second speaker, Hisayoshi Kato will give an overview of DTrace[1][2][3]. He will demonstrate some of the many applications of DTrace probes, including Java Tracing, Python Tracing and OS Tracing.

Other Items on the Agenda

  1. Introduction of new members, news about Linux/Open Source, general announcements, Q&A
  2. Auction (bring any gear that would would like to donate to TLUG)


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