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Tokyo Linux Users Group

Limiting Search to Year and Month

The TLUG list urls have the following form




This email was posted to the TLUG list in March 1996. To find other emails posted in this month with the keyword “Linux”

 inurl:tlug.jp/ML/9603 Linux

Find Emails posted by specific person

quoting a phrase matches the phrase rather then the individual words so to find emails by a specific user use

 From: [name]


 inurl:tlug.jp/ML/ From: Jim Schweizer

This seems to work reasonable well.

Messages that have been linked to

If you want to find who has a link to something in the mail archives use.




As shown above, this will work with any link not just the mail archives. Remember tlug has had multiple domain names over the years so not all links point to tlug.jp.

Pruning result by keyword

Sometimes the most appropriate word for searching the archive has another meaning. To remove these irrelevant result place a negative before words found uniquely in these results. This can be particularly useful for removing maillist.html and threads.html pages from the results.


 inurl:tlug.jp/ML/ election -IPU -smb -democrat -council -US -maillist.html -threads.html

You could use this to search for messages on tlug elections and remove messages about samba domain elections and discussion about the US election.

this also works for sites so you could do

 links:www.twics.com/~tlug/ -site:www.tlug.jp -site:tlug.jp

to find all links to the old tlug site that aren't from the current site.